Attaching tags to products is a practice that has taken off since industrialization led to mass production of items, especially textiles. Tags show the legitimacy of a product and also give practical advice, like how an individual can care for a garment.

Everyone has at one time or another bought an item of clothing with an itchy tag. Annoying tags come in many shapes and materials. Cotton tags, for example, when cut too large or with jagged edges, can lead wearers to get annoyed and pull them off.

Luckily, we have a large selection of satin labels that can give information about your brand and display your company’s colors. These labels come in a variety of cuts and styles, but each is created from soft fibers that won’t chafe skin. Because of the different sizes and weaving options, you can design something that will represent your brand and leave a good impression with the many individuals buying your product. Read more here about how to customize your labels.

Details about Satin Labels

Satin tags are made from polyester-based lustrous thread, which is smooth to the touch and can incorporate minute details of words, images, and geometric designs. Unlike labels made from rougher materials, these can easily be sewn into the seams of t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, and pants without causing discomfort to the wearer.

Some manufacturers choose to combine satin labels with other removable tags, which may have non-essential information for the customer, but will help a store stock the product properly. Satin labels can give information about how to wash and dry a garment, how to find the company that made it on the Internet, or even a Twitter hashtag so that consumers can find out more about the brand.

Because branding is so important these days, make sure to come up with a great, but simple design that can be easily recognized and will transfer into a variety of formats—like being sewn or printed onto tags.